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Our 2019-2020 Achievements

Our 2019-2020 Achievements

The 2019-2020 school year was filled with many challenges, unprecedented changes and opportunities for growth.
Throughout the uncertainty and turbulence of 2020 one thing remained steadfast and true – our students’ eagerness to learn and our faculty’s ability to create an environment that fosters a true love of learning. We pride ourselves on being able to develop learning experiences that perpetuate the successes and achievements of our students. In fact, this year we were awarded one of our most esteemed and highest achievements to date – an invitation for one of our former students (class of 2020) to write the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME).

We are proud of our students and faculty for demonstrating that we can keep the pace of learning, personal growth and intellectual achievement despite any challenge!

We are now excited to share with you our 2019-2020 achievements!

2019-2020 Achievements


  • National Theatre School Drama Festival Play – “Tartuffe”
    • Award of Merit in Acting (4 recipients)
    • Award of Merit for Acting: Ensemble (6 recipients
  • Cosmo Music Award

  • Canadian Computing Competition, 1st in class Beaver Computing Contest, Distinction (3 recipients)
  • VEX IQ, provincial qualifications
  • VEX IQ Virtual Worlds, 3rd place
  • VRC, Innovative Award
  • British Biology Olympiad, Gold

  • Royal Commonwealth International Essay Competition
    • Junior Branch Winners, Bronze (8 recipients), Silver (4 recipients), Gold (1 recipient) 
    • Senior Branch Winners, Bronze (3 recipients), Silver (4 recipients), Gold (1 recipient)

  • Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest, Distinction (3 recipients)
  • Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest, Distinction (3 recipients)
  • Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge, Distinction; Honours (5 recipients)
  • Qualified and invited to write the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO)
  • American Mathematics Competition 12, Honours (3 recipients), Qualified and invited to write the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME)
  • American Mathematics Competition 10, Honours (3 recipients)
  • Mathematica Centrum Contests:
    • Lagrange – Distinction
    • Newton – Distinction
    • Thales – Distinction
    • Byron Germain – Distinction
    • Fibonacci – Distinction
    • Pythagoras – Distinction
    • Euler – Distinction
  • University of Waterloo Contests:
    • Pascal, Distinction 
    • Cayley, Distinction
    • Fermat, Distinction 
    • Galois, Distinction

  • U14 Ultimate Frisbee, 3rd Place

  • U of T Interactive Crisis, Best Novice Delegate
  • U of T Model United Nations (UTMUN), Outstanding Delegate

  • National Book Award 
  • Governor General’s Award
  • Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award

  • $3,150,000
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