Keeping P.A.C.E. | May + June 2024

Keeping P.A.C.E. | May + June 2024


Summer break is a time for travel and exploration, fun, personal growth and making memories for a lifetime but before we wish you a wonderful break we have to say; we have so enjoyed watching your educational journey throughout the 2023-2024 school year! Before we all hit the road for an amazing summer break let’s reminisce about some of the highlights from the last few months of school.


Our grade 1 classes continued with their multiplication unit outdoors! They gathered materials after being given a multiplication question and had to show groupings for each and count their answer before receiving their next equation.

From May 1-3, our grade 5 students participated in an overnight field study at Albion Hills Conservation Field Centre. Higher-level learning is greatly enhanced by opportunities to interact outside of the typical classroom environment. Grade 5 students furthered their understanding of scientific concepts linked to ecology, astronomy, and living things, while immersing themselves in activities such as wilderness survival skills, geocaching, nature art, or trail biking. An interdisciplinary and hands-on approach to learning allows our students to make meaningful connections required for problem solving, while supporting the development of healthy leadership and communication skills.

Inspired by the hit TV shows Dragon’s Den, our grade 6s participated in their entrepreneurial culminating activity, Owl’s Hollow, in their Global Perspectives course. We were blown away by our student’s amazing creativity and innovative designs!

Following their visit from their mentor engineer, our grade 8 students took their research, feedback and Climate Science ideas and created a model of a city 100 years in the future. The teams showed their finished products by virtually presenting to a panel of engineers. The engineers were very impressed with our students’ ideas and models, giving them wonderful feedback for their designs. Congratulations to all our teams that put their heart and soul into this endeavour and experienced what it would be like to be an engineer – your future is bright (and well built!).

Our grade 1s got a visit from Cathy of Cathy’s Composting who provided a fantastic vermicomposting (the processing of organic wastes through earthworms) workshop. The students learned about the life science behind worms and how they are beneficial to our environment. Students even went home with their own worm kit to help start their own composting bins!

From May 8-10, our grade 6 students enjoyed an exciting program at Albion Hills Conservation Field Centre to build upon last year’s experience. Students furthered their understanding of concepts related to biodiversity, predator/prey relationships, cartography, and human interactions with the environment. They enhanced their leadership skills and communication methods while participating in this immersive experience, bringing home memories to last a lifetime!

On May 15, P.A.C.E. hosted its annual Music Festival at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. Special thanks to our Choral Director, Ms. Fuller, our Music Director, Mr. de Lara, and to our Producer and school Director, Ms. Gruchy, for putting this wonderful performance together!

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, P.A.C.E. Music Director and Conductor, Mr. de Lara, led 75 P.A.C.E. music students to Canada’s Wonderland and featured our grades 7 and 8 ensembles and our P.A.C.E. Concert Band.

P.A.C.E. music students performed an array of repertoire ranging from concert marches to movie soundtracks, pop and rock songs to iconic classical compositions.

In May, P.A.C.E. convened the U10 track and field meet at the indoor track at York University. There were 22 schools and hundreds of athletes. Some notable results were:

  • Tristan (grade 3) – 5th place running long jump
  • Lucas (grade 3) – 4th place in standing long jump
  • Olivia (grade 4) – 5th place in the 100m and 3rd place in running long jump
  • Sophia (grade 4) – 3rd place in the 100m and 2nd place in running long jump
  • Gloria (grade 4) – 1st place in running long jump

Congratulations to all P.A.C.E. athletes!

Our grade 5s made their way to the Japanese Cultural Centre to create tangible connections between concepts learned in their Theme unit on Japanese art forms and traditions. By engaging in hands-on activities, observing traditional demonstrations, and interacting with knowledgeable guides, students gained insights into the historical, social, and artistic contexts shaping Japanese art. Through the participation in the Tea Ceremony, exploring Japanese cuisine, writing system and the art of Origami, students gained insights into its cultural significance and the rituals involved.

To complement both their Space and Ancient Egypt Units in Theme, our grade 3s visited the R.O.M. where they participated in a guided tour and had the opportunity to hold a real meteorite from space, test their knowledge on the characteristics of the planets, and even venture into a blow-up planetarium to lay under the stars. Students then made their way to the Ancient Egypt exhibit, where they worked together to complete a scavenger hunt as they explored various artifacts from the past!

This year’s House Day was cut short due to a lot of rain, however everyone had a fun and memorable experience! Congratulations to Theta for winning this year’s coveted House Cup!

Congratulations to all grade 7 students for their participation in the Let’s Talk Science engineering competition. For the challenge, students used engineering processes to design a prototype to help test climate change. The students also participated in the Ultimate Quiz which tested their knowledge in general sciences, math and computer technology.

Of the 6 teams that competed, three were recognized for their creativity and innovation. Congratulations to team PACE 2A and PACE 3B for receiving the award of distinction for their engineering design, and to team PACE 1B who placed 3rd in Canada for a combination of an exceptional engineering design along with a high score in the Ultimate Quiz!

Well done Grade 7s!!

Our grade 5s put their financial literacy skills to the test when they were tasked with creating a grocery list for the week. Using various flyers, students worked together to plan out breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for their family’s of four, keeping their budget in mind. With the help of Excel spreadsheets, students planned, organized, and calculated to see if they could stay within budget!


The 2023-2024 school year was AMAZING! We have a lot of achievements to be proud of and we hope you have a fantastic summer – much deserved! Congratulations!

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