Keeping P.A.C.E. | March + April 2024

Keeping P.A.C.E. | March + April 2024


Spring reminds us of new growth, beginnings and of course the success of our students’ development and learning experiences! We are grateful for your open, curious minds and eagerness to push forward with new beginnings everyday.


March brought Police constable Lacey Dunning of the York Regional Police, 2 District, to P.A.C.E. to address our grades 5-8 students on cybercrime and the legal consequences of bullying, both online and in person. The presentation was aimed at helping youth realize that their actions can have consequences outside the school and the home. It also highlighted how what you say and do can affect your future.

As an introduction to their mechanical engineering unit, our grade 7s were challenged to design the tallest, free-standing tower with only two pieces of paper and tape. The students applied their problem solving skills and creativity to design their tower. Congratulations to one group that designed a tower that stood 1.24 metres! A new record!

In April, students turned their grade 3 classroom into an ancient egyptian market where they bartered, traded and negotiated their way through various vendors. Students first created lists of food, tools, household items, clothing and toys. They then used their bartering skills to try and make equal value trades.

Congratulations to our boys basketball team on their SSAF championship win against Khalsa Community School on Friday, April 5th! Thank you to our coaching staff, Mr. Krelove and Mr. De Lara, to our athletic director, Ms. Abela, for their support of P.A.C.E.’s athletic program. We can’t wait to hang another championship banner in our gym!

Our grade 7 students visited Quèbec City from April 16th – 19th to enhance their French cultural experiences as well as to complement the grade 7 History curriculum which deals with, among other things, “Building the Canadian Nation.”

Students had the opportunity to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site to see the Dufferin Terrace, Rue de Tresor “Artist Alley”, and the iconic Château Frontenac. They made use of the technique of “repoussé” with a hands-on copper workshop to create their own works of art. Students walked alongside the Montmorency Falls, touched rays and sea stars during their visit to the Aquarium du Quebec, and learned about Quebec City’s rich history while at the Musée de la Civilisation, and through their visit to an authentic sugar shack.

P.A.C.E. recently hosted its Spelling Bees! Our top twenty four spellers from grades 4-6; top sixteen spellers from grades 7 and 8; and top twenty four spellers from grades 1-3 competed in P.A.C.E.’s Junior Division Spelling Bee, Intermediate Division Spelling Bee and Primary Division Spelling Bee, respectively! Congratulations to all of our spellers on a fabulous showing at this year’s spelling bees!

Our grade 8s have been busy completing their “City of the Future” which must take into account climate change 100 years from now. Students met with our mentor engineer, John, to discuss their ideas and models for their future city. Good luck to our P.A.C.E. teams in the final competition where the students will present their models and ideas to a panel of professional engineers.


We are really moving through 2024! We have achievements to be proud of but still have work to do. As we look ahead we are excited for: 

  • May 1-4 – Albion Hills Overnight Field Trip (grade 5)
  • May 3 – YRPH Vaccine Clinic (grades 7-8)
  • May 7 – Panther Pit (grade 6)
  • May 8 – Engineering Design Challenge (grade 8)
  • May 9 – Cultural Event (grades 1-3)
  • May 15 – Music Festival (7:00 p.m. at the RHCPA)
  • May 20 – Victoria Day (school closed)
  • May 21 – Elementary Boys Soccer Tournament
  • May 22 – Music Festival at Canada’s Wonderland
  • May 23 – U10 Track and Field; Let’s Talk Science Challenge (grade 7)
  • May 28 – Field Trip to the ROM (grade 3)
  • May 29 – Japanese Cultural Event (grade 5)
  • June 6 – Blue Jays Day
  • June 7 – House Day
  • June 12- Musical Theatre Performance
  • June 20 – Year-end Field Trips (grades 1-8)
  • June 21 – Last Day of School (school closes at 12:00 p.m.)

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Keeping P.A.C.E. | January + February 2024

Keeping P.A.C.E. | January + February 2024


P.A.C.E. – can you believe we are two months into 2024? So far it has been an intriguing and enriching experience to learn alongside our amazing student body. We cannot wait to see what is in store and what achievements will be unlocked as we move into this new year, but first let’s take a look at the highlights from January and February!


On January 31, our extracurricular Musical Theatre students did an incredible job performing in the Wizard of Oz. Congratulations to all of our performers!

Our U14 girls volleyball team played their first regular season games on January 12. Although losing to RHMS, the girls persevered and achieved a win against Aurora Preparatory Academy. Looking forward to a great season ahead!

As part of their Science Unit on Chemistry, our grade 4s conducted their very own lab! Students used their understanding of the periodic table and subatomic particles to analyze and describe different chemical compounds. Well done grade 4s!

Our grade 8 science students observed how electrons can jump into higher energy levels!

The Future City Engineering experience has begun! Our grade 8s have been challenged to design a city that will be adapted to climate change 100 years in the future. They will need to give consideration to matters such as zoning, infrastructure, energy, transportation, food and agriculture when creating their future city. Working in teams, students will eventually create a model of their city and present their ideas to a panel of engineers!

To complement their theme unit on everyday materials, buildings, structures and transportation, our grade 1s took a trip to the Ontario Science Centre. The students had the opportunity to explore different exhibits and experience a workshop on strong and stable structures where they got the opportunity to build and test their bridges and buildings.

Jan Jang, author and illustrator of Pirate Poetry: A Playful Adventure, visited the Grade 3 Classroom to share her fun story about friendship and imagination. Jan shared her knowledge on various types of poems, from haikus and limericks to odes and cinquain poems, using her book to help students visualize the poem rules and formats. Through the creativity of a pirate outfit, and the playing of cheerful songs on her guitar, students were transported to the world of pirate poetry!

The U12 co-ed basketball team played in the SSAF tournament on February 12 at the Hoop Dome. The team showed excellent skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. Great work team!

On February 16, our grade 8 students participated in First Aid and CPR training! Students were recognised for completion of the First Responder Emergency First Aid AED Level C CPR course as an extension activity for their studies in Health and Physical Education.

Our grade 2s enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day at Kortright Centre for Conservation to complement their Theme unit on Indigenous Studies. Students tried using a bow drill to make fire, grinded corn, played different games that enhanced many areas of skill including eye-hand co-ordination. Students also went on a wonderful nature hike, stopping to smell the lovely scent of cedar tea, and the sweet smell of sap being released from the trees. It was a wonderful field trip and learning experience!


We are off to a great start for 2024! We have achievements to be proud of but still have work to do. As we look ahead we are excited for:

  • March 1 – School closes at 12:00 p.m.
  • March 2-17 – March Break (school closed)
  • March 18 – School resumes
  • March 19 – Model UN Training Session (grade 8)
  • March 20 – YRP Cyberbullying Prevention Presentation (grades 5-8)
  • March 21-22 – Parent and Teacher Interviews (school closed)
  • March 26 – Elementary Girls Volleyball Finals
  • March 29 – Good Friday (school closed)
  • April 1 – Easter Monday (school closed)
  • April 2 – Earth Rangers Conservation Assembly (grades 1-5)
  • April 16-19 – Quebec City (grade 7)
  • April 24 – Spelling Bee (grades 4-6)
  • April 25 – Spelling Bee (grades 7-8)
  • April 26 – Spelling Bee (grades 1-2)

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Keeping P.A.C.E. | November + December 2023

Keeping P.A.C.E. | November + December 2023


P.A.C.E. your passion for education is undeniable and we love watching you grow! So many great learning experiences have happened over the course of the past two months from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to Flag Football and our Annual Awards Assembly. High fives for finishing the year off strong!


November started on a high note when our grades 7, 8, and 11 music students had an amazing opportunity to listen and watch the Toronto Symphony Orchestra perform at the Roy Thomson Hall

Students learned about the unique challenges faced by past and current composers and how their music was and is made. The program included works of orchestral music, movie soundtracks, video game music, animations and more.

Thank you to Mr. De Lara for planning the trip and sharing the memorable music experience with his students.

A BIG congratulations to the Elementary Flag Football Club in their great showing at the tournament. The team played strong both offensively and defensively against some challenging opponents.

On November 26, P.A.C.E. Invaders team 3314E attended the VIQRC Robotics Tournament at Bot Camp/Bayview Glen. Congratulations to Mark and Nevaan for winning the Middle School Design Award!

In December P.A.C.E. held its annual awards assembly to celebrate the outstanding achievements of its students during the 2022-23 school year. Students were acknowledged for their achievements in a variety of areas, including mathematics, technology, science, robotics, dramatic arts, entrepreneurship, athletics, public speaking, writing composition, and french. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

As part of the locally designed “Periodic Table of Elements” unit in our grade 4 science class, students explored the secrets behind the chemistry of elephant toothpaste. Inquiry-based learning helps students discover the answers to their own questions first-hand, and further allows them to play an active role in their own learning.

On November 30, our Elementary Boys Soccer team competed at the SSAF indoor tournament consisting of 19 other schools. Finishing with a record of 1-1-2, the team made us proud! Congratulations to all participants.

Congratulations to our elementary dodgeball team in their 2nd place finish at the SSAF tournament. It was a very competitive tournament with 16 teams participating. 

The team showed skill, teamwork and great sportsmanship throughout the day. Great job!

Our grade 7 science students explored the concept of physical and chemical changes in matter. Students conducted an experiment to try and identify which substances formed chemical bonds when mixed together. They used their problem solving skills to collect data and make accurate observations on each substance to determine the type of change that took place.

Congratulations to the P.A.C.E. Robotics Teams for their outstanding achievements at the December VIQRC Qualifier which took place on December 10. Their dedication, hard work, and collaborative spirit were truly apparent, enabling them to bring home several notable awards:

  • Excellence Award – Middle School (VIQRC): Team 614A
  • Teamwork 2nd Place Award (VIQRC): Team 614A
  • Robot Skills Champion (VIQRC): Team 614A
  • Robot Skills 2nd Place (VIQRC): Team 3314A
  • Think Award (VIQRC): Team 3314A
  • Energy Award (VIQRC): Team 3314Y

Special congratulations to Team 614A for earning the Excellence Award – Middle School,  which allowed them to qualify for the Ontario Provincial competition on Feb 25, 2024. This is a remarkable accomplishment that reflects the exceptional skills and teamwork demonstrated by our students.

Our grade 5s worked on their Patio Design Projects where they designed and brought to life a brand-new patio for the entrance to a mall. With the inclusion of various shapes, students were responsible for calculating the area of the shapes within their design and even took it a step further with water fountains, animals, and abstract art. Students had the opportunity to share their work in a gallery walk with all of their Grade 5 peers.

2022 – 2023 ACHIEVEMENTS

Drumroll please – now it’s time to show off all the hard work, persistence and critical/creative thinking of our amazing students at P.A.C.E.

We could not be more thrilled to present our 2022 – 2023 Academic Achievement Highlights!


With 2023 having come to a close, things are only heating up! We have achievements to be proud of but still have work to do. As we look ahead to the New Year, we are excited for: 

  • January 26 – Winterlude! (don’t forget to buy your tickets)
  • February 5 – Session 2 Extracurricular Activities Begins
  • February 16 – CPR (grade 8)
  • February 19 – Family Day (school closed)
  • February 21 – Canadian Computing Contest
  • February 23 – Term 3 Begins
  • February 27 – Cultural Event (grades 4-8)
  • February 28 – Fermat Contest; Pascal Contest

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Keeping P.A.C.E. | September + October 2023

Keeping P.A.C.E. | September + October 2023


Here’s to new beginnings! This year has started exceptionally well with some familiar and new unique learning opportunities for our P.A.C.E. students and teachers alike! From our yearly Terry Fox participation to exciting farming and leadership adventures there have been many smiles and such an overwhelming eagerness to learn through exploration. We could not be more excited to see what the rest of the 2023-2024 school year brings!


On Tuesday September 12, Shea Coughlan (a Terry Fox School Run Ambassador) passionately shared Terry Fox’s story with our grades 1-6 students, inspiring them to actively engage in their community by participating in the Terry Fox Run held annually at P.A.C.E.

On Friday September 22, P.A.C.E. students began their annual competition for the coveted House Cup in a special school-wide event called “House Day” – each team hoping to earn house points through friendly competition against their peers. It was a fabulous, fun-filled morning for all students and staff!

We also hosted our annual Terry Fox Run on September 22 to help raise money for cancer research. We are grateful for all of the support from the P.A.C.E. community! Over the years, we are proud to say that P.A.C.E. students have raised $106,894 for cancer research.

On September 26, our grades 6-8 students competed against 11 other schools in the annual SSAF Ultimate Frisby tournament. It was a beautiful day and congratulations to all athletes for making it to the playoffs!

On Friday September 28, we commemorated orange shirt day. Everyone was encouraged to wear an orange shirt as a way to raise awareness of the intergenerational impacts of residential schools. We aimed to honour the experiences of Indigenous Peoples and to celebrate their resiliency by recognizing ‘Every Child Matters.’

From October 4-6, our grade 8 students embarked on a leadership and team building field study at Olympia Outdoor and Challenge Education Centre. Through various custom designed activities, students worked on character development strategies to allow them to explore critical thinking, personal responsibility and integrity, as well as team leadership skills. The experience was challenging, enjoyable and memorable for all!

On October 11th, our grade 3 scientists visited Forsythe Family Farms to see soil in action! They fed the goats and sheep and learned about how the animals depend on soil to produce their food, while also helping the soil by providing fertilizer for it. Students had a chance to observe some soil experiments, including how rocks turn into soil through erosion and how water drainage is affected by the amount of space between particles. They also went on a nature walk and observed many different types of mushrooms helping decompose the organic matter back into soil. Students compared the black forest soil to the light grey soil found in the pumpkin patch while getting to choose their own pumpkin as a souvenir!

To complement their first unit in Global Perspective – Early Settlements and New France – our grade 7s enjoyed a field study at Sainte Marie Among The Hurons! Students had the opportunity to view the site of the Jesuit settlement and many historical buildings, such as a longhouse! They also enjoyed learning about quill making, and even had the chance to make their own quills and try writing with them.

Our grade 2s had a wonderful time on their field trip to the ROM.  Students thoroughly enjoyed exploring, researching, and drawing a wonderful variety of minerals, gemstones, meteorites, and rocks bringing everything they have learned in theme studies to life in a beautiful and magnificent way.

To complement their Science unit – Characteristics of Living Things – our grade 1s visited Round The Bend Farm. They learned about different vegetables and the growing process, took a wagon ride, explored corn mazes, and fed a variety of farm animals. It was an a-moo-zing day!


What a fantastic couple of months! We have achievements to be proud of but still have work to do. As we look ahead to November and December, we are excited for: 

  • November 1 – U12 Flag Football Tournament
  • November 3 – U14 Flag Football Tournament
  • November 8 – Beaver Computing Contest (grades 5-8)
  • November 10 – Remembrance Day Assembly
  • November 13 – Immunization Clinic (grades 7-8)
  • November 14 – U12 Indoor Soccer Tournament
  • November 16 – Canada Jay Mathematical Competition (grades 7-8)
  • November 20 – U14 Girls Soccer Tournament
  • November 23 – U12 Co-Ed Soccer Tournament
  • November 24 – Awards Assembly; Term 2 Begins
  • November 30 – U14 Boys Soccer Tournament
  • December 1 – Term 1 Report Cards Distributed
  • December 4 – U14 Dodgeball Tournament
  • December 6 – U20 Dodgeball Tournament
  • December 7-8 – Parent-Teacher Interviews (school closed)
  • December 13 – Holiday Music Concert
  • December 15 – School Closes at 12pm for Winter Break.
  • January 8 – School Resumes

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Keeping P.A.C.E. | May + June 2023

Keeping P.A.C.E. | May + June 2023


This year has come and gone so quickly but the imprint will last forever here at P.A.C.E.! We’ve shared so many challenging and exciting learning experiences these past few months–thank you for always giving it your all P.A.C.E. students! Below we have recapped all the significant and exciting things that took place in May and June!

And let’s take a minute to acknowledge our amazing group of grads! Congratulations to our  graduating class of 2023 – we are confident as you move forward on your education journey that you will find success as long as you stay true to yourself! We will miss you, however, we will be cheering you on in your next adventure!


Inspired by the story of “The Dot“, our grade 1 artists created their own stunning dot artwork. They used oil pastels to create such vibrant colours! Our students learned that everyone makes their own mark in the world and that no mark made is ever too small!

From May 3 to 5, our grade 5s visited Albion Hills Field Centre, where they had the opportunity to enjoy a nature-themed overnight field trip! Students participated in activities such as practicing wilderness survival skills, nature hike, thick tread mountain biking, ephemeral nature art, eco Jeopardy, campfire and a guided night walk!

You may have been wondering what all the “racket” was about this May–our very own Yannis and Bradley finished in 1st place in boys doubles at the SSAF U14 Badminton Championship!

To complement their Unit on the Middle Ages, our grade 4s traveled to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament to observe the reenactment of Feudalism during that period of European history. It was a ‘Knight’ they will surely never forget!

To finish their Theme Unit on Ancient Egypt, grade 3 students had the opportunity to be the teacher for the class! Each group collaboratively worked together to pick an Egyptian god/goddess, conduct research, put together a presentation, and share their findings with the class and teach their peers. The students were excited to compare what they learned in class to their findings on their field trip to the Royal Ontario Museum!

The P.A.C.E. community was treated to a special evening of music and dance on Wednesday, May 10th at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.  After four years, students and staff returned to the stage to host the 30th Annual P.A.C.E. Music Festival. 

The memorable evening of music could not have happened without the hard work and dedication of our talented music students, and support from P.A.C.E parents.  Thank you for being a part of this musical tradition.

A heartfelt “thank you” to our Production Manager Ms. Reay; Stage Managers Ms. Taft and Mr. Obradovic; Assistant Production Managers Mr. Rovet and Ms. Abela; and Stage Crew Members Eleanor, Rohan, Polina and Matteo. Each of you helped from start to finish and assisted behind the scenes to create smooth transitions for an amazing performance.

A special thanks to our Choral Director Ms. Fuller and our Music Director Mr. de Lara for teaching and inspiring all students to embrace the art of music and performance. 

Finally, thank you to our producer and director Ms. Gruchy for providing the guidance and leadership with all of our programs and supporting all of our music endeavors! It was simply extraordinary to see P.A.C.E. return to the stage!

Our grade 6s worked diligently on creating their very own products and business plans. The teams presented their inventions to a panel of judges at our Panther Pit Competition (inspired by the hit TV shows Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank). We are so proud of their amazing creativity and innovative designs.

Our grade 3s went on a field study to the Royal Ontario Museum. Students explored the Ancient Egypt exhibit through a group scavenger hunt, had a private tour throughout the exhibit to learn more about the lives of Ancient Egyptians, and participated in a lab where they identified the ancient culture from which various artifacts originated.

On Tuesday, May 23rd, 80+ students consisting of grade 7, grade 8 and concert band music students returned to the stage and performed live at the annual Canada’s Wonderland Festival of Music.

Adjudicated by Garry Page, Mr. Page complimented all the students on their sense of music interpretation and attention to detail while performing all musical selections with true style and enthusiasm.

Thank you to Mr. Hosein for his assistance with supervision throughout the day, and to our Music Director and Conductor Mr. De Lara for sharing his guidance, knowledge, and gift of music to all P.A.C.E. students.

On May 26, our drama and music students came together to present P.A.C.E.’s 2023 school show, The Addams Family. This wonderful musical showcased our students’ talents in acting, singing, dancing, choreography, piano playing, costume and set design, and tech. It was a product of several months of hard work that truly paid off. This show had everything: enchanting costumes and make-up, captivating choreographies, quirky characters and incredible singing, all supported by stunning back-drops and effective sound and lights cues.

Thank you to to Mr. de Lara for his indispensable tech expertise that elevated the entire production; to Ms. Niece for her dedication in helping with everything from set and costume design to recording the show; to Ms. Fuller for her dedication to helping our singers improve and excel at their craft; and to Mr. Obradovic whose vision and stage mastery gave us another unforgettable theatrical experience.


A performance like this is a true celebration of P.A.C.E.’s talent and creativity and as we congratulate all the participants, we also thank them for sharing their artistry with us.

Cathy’s Crawly Composters brought vermicomposting to our grade 1 classroom! In their theme unit, The 4Rs, the grade 1s have been learning about our impact on the planet. They learned about the importance of red wiggler worms and composting. Students also had the option to have their own worm kit to continue vermicomposting at home!


We have had a very successful school year and are so proud of you! As we look ahead to July and August we are excited for:

  • Camp fires & S’mores
  • Swimming 
  • Movie nights
  • Beach days 
  • Great times with friends and family 

We wish all the same and more for our P.A.C.E. Community! Have a wonderful summer break!

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