Keeping P.A.C.E. | September + October 2021

Nov 2, 20210 comments


School is back in session at P.A.C.E. and we are off to a fun-tastic start! We absolutely love when our halls are filled with eager young minds ready to learn! 

We are excited to announce that starting in September 2022, P.A.C.E. will be introducing SK!. We could not be more excited to offer our unique educational experience to some of Ontario’s youngest students!

Without further adieu let’s jump into our fall highlights and see what our amazing students have been up to!


Our grade 1 Logic class began learning about word search strategies! The students became word detectives and searched the room for various words on their list. They used their detective skills and worked together to find all the words around their classroom. Way to ‘quack’ the case grade 1s!

Our grade 8 science students are studying Botany. In their first activity, the students are using microscopes to observe phytoplankton and algae in water systems. Algae are a fundamental part of the marine ecosystem and essential to all other life in the oceans! They really ‘krilled it.’

In September, P.A.C.E held a virtual election for its 2021-2022 student council.

Our grade 2 students thoroughly enjoyed delivering their superhero presentations this month, and sharing their superpower in front of the class.

On National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, after learning about the history of Indigenous children and residential schools and reading the story “Stolen Words” by Melanie Florence, students had the opportunity to design and create their own talking sticks. We discussed the importance and meaning of Sharing Circles to the Indigenous culture, and then participated in our own. Students listened respectfully, with open ears and hearts, while they each shared their thoughts and feelings on all that they had learned about the history of Orange Shirt Day. It truly was a moving and emotional day for the students.

Our grade 3s are learning to crack their friends’ coded messages in Logic class! First, the students created a “class code” and then they each shared their messages. Way to go grade 3s – what a bunch of wise-quackers!

Our grade 3s worked in pairs and groups to study and prepare for their upcoming Theme test on the Phylogenetic Tree. With the use of their whiteboards, students had the opportunity to practice labelling and drawing different types of bird beaks, feet, and bones. So ‘egg-sighting!’

Our grade 8 students participated in a unique botany experiment! The students climbed the trees at Bruce’s Mill Conservation Park for a Treetop Trekking experience. The students sampled the river to identify organisms that feed on algae, they identified different species of trees in the area and tested soil to determine the health of the ecosystem.

On October 14, P.A.C.E. hosted its 22nd Terry Fox Run to raise funds to help find a cure for cancer. Over the years, P.A.C.E. has raised over $91,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation, and 2021 was just as much of a success as previous years! Way to go P.A.C.E community!

Our grade 5s also received a virtual visit from Terry’s brother, Fred. Fred Fox met with our grade 5s through a live streaming event to provide words of encouragement and some exclusive information on Terry Fox and his dream of making a lasting impact.


As we look ahead to the end of 2021 we are excited for the following: 

  • November 7 – Commencement (class of 2021)
  • November 8 – Beaver Computing Challenge (grade 9)
  • November 11 – Remembrance Day Assembly (virtual)
  • November 16 – American Math Contest (by invitation only)
  • November 18 – Awards Assembly
  • November 19 – Term 2 begins
  • December 2&3 – Parent/Teacher Interviews (school closed)
  • December 10 – School Closes at 12 p.m.
  • December 13-31 – Winter Break (school closed)
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