Keeping P.A.C.E. | November + December 2023

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P.A.C.E. your passion for education is undeniable and we love watching you grow! So many great learning experiences have happened over the course of the past two months from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to Flag Football and our Annual Awards Assembly. High fives for finishing the year off strong!


November started on a high note when our grades 7, 8, and 11 music students had an amazing opportunity to listen and watch the Toronto Symphony Orchestra perform at the Roy Thomson Hall

Students learned about the unique challenges faced by past and current composers and how their music was and is made. The program included works of orchestral music, movie soundtracks, video game music, animations and more.

Thank you to Mr. De Lara for planning the trip and sharing the memorable music experience with his students.

A BIG congratulations to the Elementary Flag Football Club in their great showing at the tournament. The team played strong both offensively and defensively against some challenging opponents.

On November 26, P.A.C.E. Invaders team 3314E attended the VIQRC Robotics Tournament at Bot Camp/Bayview Glen. Congratulations to Mark and Nevaan for winning the Middle School Design Award!

In December P.A.C.E. held its annual awards assembly to celebrate the outstanding achievements of its students during the 2022-23 school year. Students were acknowledged for their achievements in a variety of areas, including mathematics, technology, science, robotics, dramatic arts, entrepreneurship, athletics, public speaking, writing composition, and french. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

As part of the locally designed “Periodic Table of Elements” unit in our grade 4 science class, students explored the secrets behind the chemistry of elephant toothpaste. Inquiry-based learning helps students discover the answers to their own questions first-hand, and further allows them to play an active role in their own learning.

On November 30, our Elementary Boys Soccer team competed at the SSAF indoor tournament consisting of 19 other schools. Finishing with a record of 1-1-2, the team made us proud! Congratulations to all participants.

Congratulations to our elementary dodgeball team in their 2nd place finish at the SSAF tournament. It was a very competitive tournament with 16 teams participating. 

The team showed skill, teamwork and great sportsmanship throughout the day. Great job!

Our grade 7 science students explored the concept of physical and chemical changes in matter. Students conducted an experiment to try and identify which substances formed chemical bonds when mixed together. They used their problem solving skills to collect data and make accurate observations on each substance to determine the type of change that took place.

Congratulations to the P.A.C.E. Robotics Teams for their outstanding achievements at the December VIQRC Qualifier which took place on December 10. Their dedication, hard work, and collaborative spirit were truly apparent, enabling them to bring home several notable awards:

  • Excellence Award – Middle School (VIQRC): Team 614A
  • Teamwork 2nd Place Award (VIQRC): Team 614A
  • Robot Skills Champion (VIQRC): Team 614A
  • Robot Skills 2nd Place (VIQRC): Team 3314A
  • Think Award (VIQRC): Team 3314A
  • Energy Award (VIQRC): Team 3314Y

Special congratulations to Team 614A for earning the Excellence Award – Middle School,  which allowed them to qualify for the Ontario Provincial competition on Feb 25, 2024. This is a remarkable accomplishment that reflects the exceptional skills and teamwork demonstrated by our students.

Our grade 5s worked on their Patio Design Projects where they designed and brought to life a brand-new patio for the entrance to a mall. With the inclusion of various shapes, students were responsible for calculating the area of the shapes within their design and even took it a step further with water fountains, animals, and abstract art. Students had the opportunity to share their work in a gallery walk with all of their Grade 5 peers.

2022 – 2023 ACHIEVEMENTS

Drumroll please – now it’s time to show off all the hard work, persistence and critical/creative thinking of our amazing students at P.A.C.E.

We could not be more thrilled to present our 2022 – 2023 Academic Achievement Highlights!


With 2023 having come to a close, things are only heating up! We have achievements to be proud of but still have work to do. As we look ahead to the New Year, we are excited for: 

  • January 26 – Winterlude! (don’t forget to buy your tickets)
  • February 5 – Session 2 Extracurricular Activities Begins
  • February 16 – CPR (grade 8)
  • February 19 – Family Day (school closed)
  • February 21 – Canadian Computing Contest
  • February 23 – Term 3 Begins
  • February 27 – Cultural Event (grades 4-8)
  • February 28 – Fermat Contest; Pascal Contest

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