Gifted Education

Programming for Academic and Creative Excellence

is comprised of 4 key components designed to enrich the education of your gifted child.

Learning Experience

Our enriched and accelerated curriculum offers the best learning experience for your gifted child.

Our flexible learning model groups students with their intellectual peers based on their skill level in mathematics. In all other subjects, students are placed in their appropriate grade level, and are challenged with additional, advanced content to stimulate their learning potential.

Higher Level Thinking and Personal Growth

The development of critical thinking skills is at the forefront of our curriculum.

At P.A.C.E. we foster leaders.  We train our students to embrace critical and creative thinking, problem solving, research, and decision-making in each discipline. We emphasize the importance of strong communication skills and social connections. 

The Arts

Students benefit from cultural experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Visits to theatrical performances, art exhibits, and museums are just some of the exciting opportunities that our students have to learn about diversity and to develop an appreciation for the arts.


Physical activities are vital to students developing their minds and bodies.

We are a member of the SSAF, competing in numerous sports from grades 1-8. Additionally, our intramural sports leagues and highly anticipated “house days” are organized and managed by our student council.