January and February hold so many celebrations for families – New Years, Family Day, Valentines, Lunar New Year and so many more. As we write this blog we hope that you all had a chance to celebrate each other! If 2020 has taught us anything it is that the people we hold most dear must be celebrated and cherished.

Most of January and February was spent with virtual learning so once again we want to thank you P.A.C.E. family for being so adaptable to changing times – we appreciate YOU! We know it’s not easy to adapt but you are all doing great! Let’s jump into some highlights:


January started with some ‘jaw’some work from our Grade 3s as they started their Theme on Oceanography. Virtual learning didn’t stop our students from experimenting to learn about salinity and buoyancy! The class did two experiments looking at the effect of salt on an object’s ability to float. In the first experiment the class put an egg in water and continuously added salt to see how many teaspoons it would take to make the egg finally sink— the result was 15 teaspoons!! In the second experiment, the class made a boat out of a juice box and then added pennies into the boat to see how many would sink the boat once the salt was added—the result: 0 tsp salt = 40 pennies and 15 tsp salt = 52 pennies! Students made hypotheses for each and recorded their observations through charts and drawings.

Our Grade 1s were engaged and excited about learning the concept of buoyancy as well however through a different lens! As a part of their Theme unit on Properties of Matter, the Grade 1s created aluminum boats and tested their boats on water. Then, they found small items to load onto their boats to test its weight capacity. Some boats could even hold the weight of a few avocados! Impressive work! The Grade 1s went above and beyond to add their own creative designs – schooner or later however, we had a sinking feeling the boats would go under!

Our Grade 6s were busy expanding their french language and presentations skills in January. As part of their project “Des Canadiens et Canadiennes Célèbres” the Grade 6 students researched a famous Canadian person and presented their work in French. These are some of their amazing presentations and we learned alot about French Canadian celebrities! Félicitations 6e année, vous avez très bien travaillé!

February kicked off in a positive (and negative) way as our Grade 6 students learned to make binary ionic compounds using positive and negative ions! A binary ionic compound is composed of two different elements – one which is metal and one which is nonmetal. Each student was assigned a cation or anion to create new compounds by combining them with opposite ions. Then, students had the opportunity to write chemical formulas and names for their new combinations! Nothing quite like creating a new compound!

Our Grade 1s were up to some very hands-on and creative projects! As a part of their Buildings, Structures, and Transportation Theme, the Grade 1s became experts on the mode of transportation they are most interested in. With a written report, 3D model, and presentation, this project was no easy ‘race’! Way to go Grade 1s, your work was ‘Zoom’tastic!

February also brought A JOYFUL WELCOME BACK to in-person learning!! We love the sounds of children in the halls and laughter in the classrooms! It’s so nice to have you back at the school!


We have had a very successful start to 2021. We have proven our adaptability, perseverance and tenacity to learn (we’ve also had some fun along the way)! As we look ahead to March and April we are excited for: 

  • March 5 – Term 2 report cards distributed
  • March 24 – Grade 12 graduation photos taken
  • March 25/26 – Parent-Teacher Interviews
  • April 2- Good Friday (school closed – no classes)
  • April 5 – Easter Monday (school closed – no classes)
  • April 9 – School closes at 12:00 p.m.
  • April 12 to 25 – Spring Break (school resumes on Monday, April 26 @ 9:00 a.m.)

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Firstly, we would like to thank the P.A.C.E. community for your continued support and patience as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate what each and every one of you are doing to keep our students, staff and families safe and healthy! 

In November, we hosted our annual awards ceremony and celebrated a very successful 2019-2020 school year. We were so excited to deliver a live, virtual assembly for all of our students to enjoy, many of whom received recognition for their individual and group achievements and successes – we are so proud of all of them! To learn more please head on over to our 2019-2020 Achievements Blog.


Discovering and exploring – our grade 9 science class examined the internal anatomy of the Perch. The students compared the anatomy and physiology of the Perch to other organisms, including humans. It was a fin-tastic educational exploration!

Our grade 11 students continued to develop their laboratory skills while discovering the importance of enzymes and catalyzing different reactions in the human body. In this Biology lab, students subjected the enzyme diastase to different conditions such as temperature and pH in order to determine the optimal ability of the enzyme.

While we haven’t been able to take advantage of the plethora of learning opportunities outside of the classroom and within the community, that hasn’t stopped us from bringing outside learning experiences to our students! Our Grade 2s were visited by Pawsitively Pets! The class examined the similarities and differences in characteristics of various animals and observed how they grow and change over time. They interacted with representatives from the numerous animal classes that they have previously learned about in science class. They also had a lot of fun with the animals, especially the parrot named Caesar and the chinchilla named Mulligan.

The Phylogenetic Tree – a diagram showing the evolutionary relationships among various biological species or other entities—their phylogeny —based upon similarities and differences in their physical or genetic characteristics was of great interest to our grade 3s! They even had the chance to invent their own animal! The students were encouraged to create animals in the reptile, amphibian or bird categories, and some students got super inventive creating an animal that was a combination of all three! We loved the creativity shown and the class was able to grow their confidence by presenting their animal to the class.

Up, up and away – last month our grade 8s chose which area of Astronomy they were most interested in. Some chose to present on Aerospace Engineering while others built and designed spaceships of the future. The projects were not only thoughtful and inventive, they were out of this world!

Last month, our grade 11 physics lab was bustling with fun learning experiences! Our students took what they learned about projectile motion, and applied it to the trajectory of a basketball. Students went outside to gather video data of the trajectory of the basketball. They then analyzed the data using motion analysis software and made velocity-time and distance-time graphs.

The fairly mild months of November and December were conducive to many outdoor learning experiences for our students!

We were even able to take our Grade 5 math classes outdoors to explore shapes in our natural environment. The students worked in small groups to find different shapes around the school such as a semi-circle on the basketball court and a trapezoid on the play structure! The classes also used meter sticks and measuring tapes to take measurements, and then calculated the perimeter and area of each of the shapes. 


While we are ready to close the book on 2020, which was filled with fantastic opportunities for our students to learn and grow, we are equally ready for the start of 2021! We are excited for:

  • January 11 – Students in grades 1-8 are invited back for in-person instruction
  • January 25 – Students in grades 9-12 are invited back for in-person instruction
  • February 15 – Family Day (school closed)
  • February 26 – Term 3 begins

Keep pace with what’s going on with our students with our bi-monthly blog updates. For an insider’s view into your child’s enriched learning experience, join the P.A.C.E. community on Instagram.

Our 2019-2020 Achievements

Our 2019-2020 Achievements

The 2019-2020 school year was filled with many challenges, unprecedented changes and opportunities for growth.
Throughout the uncertainty and turbulence of 2020 one thing remained steadfast and true – our students’ eagerness to learn and our faculty’s ability to create an environment that fosters a true love of learning. We pride ourselves on being able to develop learning experiences that perpetuate the successes and achievements of our students. In fact, this year we were awarded one of our most esteemed and highest achievements to date – an invitation for one of our former students (class of 2020) to write the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME).

We are proud of our students and faculty for demonstrating that we can keep the pace of learning, personal growth and intellectual achievement despite any challenge!

We are now excited to share with you our 2019-2020 achievements!

2019-2020 Achievements


  • National Theatre School Drama Festival Play – “Tartuffe”
    • Award of Merit in Acting (4 recipients)
    • Award of Merit for Acting: Ensemble (6 recipients
  • Cosmo Music Award

  • Canadian Computing Competition, 1st in class Beaver Computing Contest, Distinction (3 recipients)
  • VEX IQ, provincial qualifications
  • VEX IQ Virtual Worlds, 3rd place
  • VRC, Innovative Award
  • British Biology Olympiad, Gold

  • Royal Commonwealth International Essay Competition
    • Junior Branch Winners, Bronze (8 recipients), Silver (4 recipients), Gold (1 recipient) 
    • Senior Branch Winners, Bronze (3 recipients), Silver (4 recipients), Gold (1 recipient)

  • Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest, Distinction (3 recipients)
  • Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest, Distinction (3 recipients)
  • Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge, Distinction; Honours (5 recipients)
  • Qualified and invited to write the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO)
  • American Mathematics Competition 12, Honours (3 recipients), Qualified and invited to write the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME)
  • American Mathematics Competition 10, Honours (3 recipients)
  • Mathematica Centrum Contests:
    • Lagrange – Distinction
    • Newton – Distinction
    • Thales – Distinction
    • Byron Germain – Distinction
    • Fibonacci – Distinction
    • Pythagoras – Distinction
    • Euler – Distinction
  • University of Waterloo Contests:
    • Pascal, Distinction 
    • Cayley, Distinction
    • Fermat, Distinction 
    • Galois, Distinction

  • U14 Ultimate Frisbee, 3rd Place

  • U of T Interactive Crisis, Best Novice Delegate
  • U of T Model United Nations (UTMUN), Outstanding Delegate

  • National Book Award 
  • Governor General’s Award
  • Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award

  • $3,150,000
Keep pace with what’s going on with our students with our bi-monthly blog updates. For an insider’s view into your child’s enriched learning experience, join the P.A.C.E. community on Instagram.




It has been a while since we last connected and a lot has changed. We want to thank the P.A.C.E. community for your support, donations and unwavering confidence during the very uncertain times that followed the announcement of the global health pandemic.

We could not be more excited to be sharing with you again! Our newsletter will look a little different this year – we will feature bi-monthly updates so you can see first-hand what we are doing to enhance your child’s enriched learning experiences. Let’s dig into the highlights from September and October 2020.


When COVID-19 hit, we were forced to navigate uncharted territory. However, in true P.A.C.E. fashion our students quickly adapted to our virtual teaching and learning model. We were so proud of one particular initiative that came from this time of transition.

Our (then) Grade 5 students participated in the most wonderful kindness initiative inspired by our very own Ms. De Caro!! Ms. De Caro’s cousin had been a visitor at a long-term care home back in May and noticed a lot of sorrow when walking around the home. The staff were very depleted and she learned most staff had to work on Mother’s Day. Hearing this story gave Ms. De Caro a wonderful idea – her Grade 5 students could write notes, compose poems and create pictures for the staff to thank them for everything they were doing during this time when families couldn’t visit their loved ones as they normally would!

The result was a large, fold-out book the Grade 5’s created and sent to these workers! The workers were so touched by the efforts of our students, the district manager of the long-term home reached out to arrange a virtual chat to thank the P.A.C.E. students!


Meditation and mindfulness are at work this school year. There is so much going on in the outside world, it’s a great way to keep our inner world at peace. Our grade 2 students have learned to use meditation to help them work through worries they are experiencing during this unprecedented time. The students created a morning routine, ‘Music and Mindfulness.’

Growth mindset is something we strive towards here at P.A.C.E. Our grade 3 students were busy in September and October working on understanding themselves and developing their growth mindset! First, they set their personal Growth Mindset Goals for 2020 and, together as a class, the students are now working towards achieving their goals! We can’t wait to see where our grade 3’s end up at the end of the year!

When you have to wear masks, you should make it fun and teach a valuable lesson! Our grade 2 students really enjoyed bringing their drama skills to life while engaged in their superhero project. They stood tall and strong!! Most importantly they learned that just by wearing their mask they are all superheroes, protecting their classmates, teachers and themselves. Can you believe all these incredible costumes?!

We are finding innovative ways to conduct all P.A.C.E. activities, including our 2020/2021 student council elections! P.A.C.E. live streamed the candidates’ speeches from the gym to the grade 6-12 classrooms and to our grade 6-12 at-home learners. Contactless voting took place through Microsoft Forms.

As part of their unit on friendship “Mes Amis, Ma Vie”, the Grade 5 students introduced themselves and engaged in a discussion about friendship and what it means to them, all en Français! They also prepared a creative visual piece about themselves!

Our Grade 9 Science students had some fun with cells!  They have been actively engaged in a cell lab! The students are drawing diagrams of diseased tissue and then comparing this diseased tissue to healthy tissue in order to understand how a diagnosis would be made!

The grade 5 students “dug” cookies as an introduction to the systematic approach to archaeology! A yummy and educational exploration!


Following a very successful return to our in-person (and online) programs, we are ready to dive into more fantastic opportunities for our students to learn and grow! As we look forward to November and December, we are excited for:

  • November 8 – Commencement (class of 2020)
  • November 13 – Virtual Awards Assembly
  • December 3 & 4 – Parent-Teacher Interviews
  • December 12 to January 3 – Winter Break (school closes at 12 p.m. on December 11)

Keep pace with what’s going on with our students with our bi-monthly blog updates. For an insider’s view into your child’s enriched learning experience, join the P.A.C.E. community on Instagram.





February held a number of amazing learning experiences for our students, including the highly anticipated University of Toronto Model United Nations Conference (UTMUN). This four-day conference was a unique and exciting opportunity for our high school students to draft resolutions, engage in heated debates, and master the art of diplomacy and negotiations. UTMUN committees integrated dynamic and real-world crises that carried far-reaching international implications. Each crisis update built on preceding events, compounded conflicts, and challenged delegates to adapt to escalating security threats and paradigm shifts. Our very own grade 12 student, Timothy Ma, won an award for his participation in the Tiananmen Committee where he portrayed the ‘role’ of Wan Li. Congratulations Timothy!


Our grades 6 and 7 students visited the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts to see Things My Foresisters Saw – a play in celebration of Black History Month. This play shares the rarely-told stories of women who helped shape this country. In this one-woman act, students met four women of African descent who effected change in Canada. Students witnessed the impact these women had not only during their time, but also in ours. 

As a complement to our Health for Life course, grade 9 students participated in an in-house, immersive training experience in CPR and First Aid. Under the direction of a certified instructor, students were able to learn basic lifesaving skills. Students received training in Emergency First Aid, CPR Level C and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) – skills that could save a life! Congratulations grade 9s on passing this certification!


P.A.C.E. participated in the Canadian Improv Games, an annual event that takes place across Canada. Already in its 43rd season, this organization has grown a lot! It is a place that provides not only a space for improv teams to compete, but also free workshops, coaching and consultation – plenty of support needed for high school improv students to thrive in this craft. Every year, P.A.C.E. invites high school students to join our Monday after-school improv practices run by Mr. Short and Mr. Obradovic. An unlimited number of students can join the practices, but only eight people can participate in the competition. This year we had six grade 10 and 11 students who represented us on February 18th at Iona High School in Mississauga.


February was a very athletic month. Our students faced off with many teams: 

  • Our U20 Boys Basketball team competed against Royal Crown Academic School
  • Our Elementary Basketball team competed against Lynn-Rose Heights and Tall Pines School
  • Our U20 Girls Volleyball Game competed against Town Centre Private School, North Toronto Christian School, Peoples Christian Academy, Newton’s Grove School, Toronto Waldorf School and Royal Crown Academic School


Following a productive and exciting February, we are ready to dive into more fantastic opportunities for our students and of course our spring break. Mark your calendars!

  • March 3: Our grade 11 biology and physics students visit the Ontario Science Centre
  • March 6: Report cards are distributed
  • March 6 – 22: Spring break! School closed on March 6 at noon
  • March 26 – 27: Parent-teacher interviews
  • March 31: Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

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This month our grades 9 to 12 students participated in this school year’s 4th contest held by the Canadian National Mathematics League. These math contests gives students an educationally enriching opportunity to participate in an academically-oriented activity and to gain recognition for mathematical achievement. These are challenging and stimulating contests and we can’t wait for the 5th contest in February.


Grade 5s explored the Community Safety Village of York Region. Here students explored bullying, emergency safety and fire safety to further enhance their understanding of factors leading to good health and well-being.

Our grade 1s travelled to the Ontario Science Centre to complement their theme unit on buildings and structures. Our students engaged in an interactive workshop all about balance, stability and shape. It was a wonderful adventure, as always!


January was full of artistic expressions from our students. 

Students participating in our co-instructional Musical Theatre and Ballet programs led by Ms. Fuller and Rachel Ross, respectively, put on a creative, passionate and light-hearted performance of Mary Poppins this month. It was ‘delightful’ just like Mary Poppins herself.

Grade 9 theatre students, who have been rehearsing Mr. Obradovic’s adaptation of the classic, Wizard of Oz since November of 2019, presented the play to grades 1 to 3 students this month. This performance was a wonderful way to introduce our younger students to our higher level theatre program.


January scored with our more senior students as we faced off with many teams: 

  • Our U20 girls Volleyball team volleyed with Whitefield Christian School and A.R.S. Armenian School
  • Our U20 boys basketball team was busy this month facing off with Toronto Waldorf School, St.Maurice School, Whitefield Christian School and Royal Crown Academic School


Following a busy start to our new decade, we are ready to dive into more higher learning opportunities for our students. Mark your calendars!

  • February 2: Session 2 Co-instructional programs begin
  • February 6-9: University of Toronto Model United Nations (UTMUN)
  • February 7-9: DECA Provincials
  • February 17: Family Day, P.A.C.E will be closed for the holiday
  • February 26: National Theatre School Festival
  • February 28: Term 3 begins

Beginning in February we will be updating our Facebook calendar with all the exciting events that are upcoming, be sure to check it out. 

Keep pace with what’s going on both inside and outside the classroom with our monthly blog updates. For an insider’s view into your child’s enriched learning experience, join the P.A.C.E. community on Facebook and Instagram.