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How to know if your child is gifted

A series of intellectual assessments may be used to determine a child’s intellectual potential. A child may be admitted into P.A.C.E. if they have been identified as gifted by either one of following means:



Information about Psychoeducational Assessment

Our Admission Policy

In order to enroll at P.A.C.E., students must be identified as intellectually gifted; however, a positive gifted identification does not guarantee a student’s admission into P.A.C.E. As part of the application process, and in order to ascertain whether or not P.A.C.E. is appropriate for each of our students, we arrange for a meeting with each student’s parents and provide each student with an opportunity to spend an entire day at our school​.

If your child has been identified as intellectually gifted and you are interested in either applying for enrolment and/or learning more about our program, you may submit an online application by clicking on the “APPLY NOW/REQUEST INFORMATION” button below. Simply complete the application form and upload a copy of your child’s psychoeducational assessment or evidence of previous board identification. Your application will be reviewed and a representative of P.A.C.E. will contact you.

If your child has not yet been identified as intellectually gifted, but you wish to start the application and/or learn more about our program, you may still fill out and submit the application form and a representative of P.A.C.E. will contact you.