Keeping P.A.C.E. | November + December 2022

Keeping P.A.C.E. | November + December 2022


As we say Goodbye to 2022 and a Big HELLO to 2023 we just wanted to take a quick minute and look back on our students’ final learning lessons, achievements and personal successes of 2022!


The grade 11 students presented their French work about the effects of social media on friendship. The presentations were excellent and very informative.

Les élèves de la onzième année ont présenté leur travail en français à propos des effets des médias sociaux sur l’amitié.Les présentations étaient excellentes et très intéressantes.

The grades 7-11 Music students visited Roy Thomson Hall  to experience MOMENTS – a live concert performed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Students experienced exciting live music and insightful video documentary, while learning about the challenges musicians encounter in practice, rehearsal, and performance. How do musicians prepare themselves and handle the pressure? Students had the opportunity to meet TSO musicians, learn how they mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare and cheer them on as they perform in their moments.

Our grade 5s prepared themselves for their Science Odyssey which took place on November 29th. Students were required to follow the scientific process to either create a working model or conduct an experiment on a topic in science. 

In order to help them prepare for this endeavour, the grade 11s and 12s mentored them by listening to their progress and giving them feedback on their projects. Many of the grade 11s and 12s have also participated in the Science Odyssey, which gives them a wealth of knowledge to give to the budding, young scientists.

Our grade 3s are learning how to code! Students have been practicing a hands-on approach by using code to navigate through a maze of their own creation.

Our grade 2s had a wonderfully ‘pawsitive’ and exciting learning experience meeting a wide variety of interesting and unique animals from Pawsitively Pets! They enjoyed holding the animals, petting them and learning about each one and their unique characteristics.

And congratulations to the U20 dodgeball team in their nail biting finish against TCMPS to clinch the finals and win the championship! Fighting back from an 0-2 deficit in the sets, the team persevered and fought back to win the next 3 sets. The team showed commitment, sportsmanship and teamwork. Thanks for making your coach and your school proud!

Our grade 5s went on a field trip to The Community Safety Village located within Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area! They participated in three workshops run by first responders – Emergency Preparedness, CPR Basic Training, and Internet Safety.

After creating their own sequels for their novel study on The Summer of the Swans, grade 3 students had the opportunity to share their new books at their class book fair. From designing a new title and front cover, to writing a persuasive “trailer” and critic quote for the back cover, students warmed up by the fire to share their creations.

Just before the holiday break our grade 7s had started their chemistry unit! Their first experiment involved the students mixing together different substances to determine if a physical or chemical change took place. They used precision and accuracy when collecting the data from each reaction. Well done Grade 7s!


What a fantastic end to 2022! We have achievements to be proud of but still have work to do! As we look ahead to January and February we are excited for: 

  • January 3 – School Resumes
  • January 24 – Cultural Event (grades 6-7)
  • January 27 – Festival of Words at the RHCPA (grades 1-7)
  • January 30 – Session 2 Extracurriculars Begin
  • February 1 – Musical Theatre Performance
  • February 2 – UT MUN
  • February 8-10 – Albion Hills (grade 6)
  • February 9 – Graduation Photos (grade 12)
  • February 15 – Canadian Computing Contest (grades 10-12)
  • February 15 – CPR course (grade 9)
  • February 20 – Family Day (school closed)
  • February 22 – Cayley, Fermat, and Pascal Contests
  • February 23 – P.A.C.E. Innovation Challenge

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