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March 2022 - P.A.C.E.
Keeping P.A.C.E. | January + February 2022

Keeping P.A.C.E. | January + February 2022


What a fun, successful start to 2022 we have had! P.A.C.E. students have completed some amazing student-led fundraising initiatives and our amazing faculty continues to think outside the box and bring in fun, engaging and stimulating learning experiences to the classroom. We have had lots of interesting and insightful discussions with experts from outside our schools walls via virtual meetings! 

Let’s dig into what has been happening at P.A.C.E. this winter!


Our grade 2 class was busy bringing in warmth and sunshine as they celebrated their very own virtual Beach Day!

In January we announced that in 2021, P.A.C.E. came together to raise an incredible $9,004 for cancer research for our Terry Fox School Run. The Terry Fox Foundation is so grateful for our commitment and dedication. It is wonderful to see that Terry continues to inspire millions of students across the country. Thank you all for your thoughtful donations!

On January 31 the grade 3s received a virtual visit from Ms. Eleanor Chun, the author of the book titled The Invisibles – a story about balancing our screen time. Prior to the visit, Ms. De Caro read the story to her students, except for the last two pages. Students then created their own ending to the story, and some of them had the opportunity to share their own endings with Ms. Chun. She was very impressed with the grade 3s creativity. Ms. Chun after the visit finally read the complete story. The author also offered signed copies of the book to the students.

A mental health expert virtually met with both of our grade 5 classes to provide them with a workshop on mental health leading up to #bellletstalk day. The students had the opportunity to ask deep and meaningful questions about mental health matters concerning them and we’re so happy to have provided our students with this experience, from which they really benefitted!

Our grade 5s conducted their Global Issues charity project! In partnership with the North York General Foundation, the purpose of this initiative was to raise funds for The Phillips House – the home of North York General Hospital’s child and adolescent outpatient mental health programs. The grade 5 students raised funds by creating and selling unique items to family and friends through their own, individual websites.

The grade 5s also wrote “thank you” cards to the people who helped them organize their charity events. Gratitude can move mountains in this world and we are so proud of the grade 5s.

Our AP Biology class completed a new unit in molecular genetics. The students built complex models of DNA and learned about how the structure of DNA contributes to our knowledge of life. The students applied the knowledge of DNA to techniques used in bioengineering. We are very proud of this exciting and innovative subject matter.

Our grade 8 science class started a new physics unit on Thermodynamics. Students learned how to apply the three laws of thermodynamics to everyday activities. In this lab, students looked at the effects of antifreeze and salt on the melting point of ice! A very ‘cool’ experiment for the winter season!

We had a blast in Grade 1 with our first big research project in Theme class! The students chose a mode of transportation they were interested in learning about, conducted thorough research, gave an oral presentation, and built a 3D model. Their incredible models were worthy of being in a museum, so we held a gallery walk! Students took turns presenting the construction of their 3D models to visitors.

To combine the Grade 1 Theme Unit on Multiculturalism with Logic class, students worked collaboratively to complete a word search focused on Australia. From famous cities to the cutest of animals, students honed in on their word search skills while diving deeper into the continent of Australia.


We have had a wonderful, educational and FUN start to 2022. Thanks to Ontario’s Wiarton Willie’s claim that an early spring is on the way on Groundhog day, we are excited to look forward to SPRING at P.A.C.E! As we approach March and April we look forward to: 

  • March 4 – school closes at 12pm (March Break begins)
  • March 21 – School resumes
  • March 24-25 – parent/teacher interviews
  • March 29 – Grade 9 CPR training
  • March 30 – Grade 10 CPR training
  • March 31-April – P.A.C.E. Model UN
  • April 5 – Euclid contest
  • April 6 – Mathematica Centrum contest
  • April 12 – Fryer, Galois and Hypatia contests
  • April 15 – Good Friday (school closed)
  • April 18 – Easter Monday (school closed)

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